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Are you Getting bullied by your opposing faction ? cannot keep up with the game progress because of work and school ? want to be the BEST player in the game ? and have extra $8 to spend ? we understand your problem and you just got into the right site, here we can solve your problem


completely UNDETECTED, very EFFECTIVE, very FAST and very ECONOMIC BOT, our BOT also has tuned specially for GOLD farming, HONOR Farming and Fast Leveling.

All of out bot are featured :

  • Easy and Customized configuration for every class
  • 1-80 premade profiles with hundreds more online
  • Repairs automatically at low durability
  • Buys & Sells at Vendors – Restock Food/Water/Ammo Automatically!
  • Mails items to Bank Alts
  • Loots, Skins, Gathers Ore and Herbs
  • Supports Land & Flying Mounts!
  • Customized Alarms on Ingame Events

Also Support others old bot features such as :

  • Anti AFK PVP Bot
  • Auto Turn-in Quest
  • Supports many different languages of WoW Clients, English, French, German, Taiwan, Chinese, Korean
  • And many others old bot features

still want to know more ? click here to view our full features

Learn the secrets of 25000++ HONOR (our record shows 60000 honor) / DAY, Thousand of GOLDS / DAY and of course very fast level !!

How come your starting price can be as low as $8 ?, we got that a lot but that’s because we simply confident, we can give you 200 hours just for $8 to prove it to you that we’re completely safe. want more proof ? you can browse more at our forum here

We also give you a video tutorial and online help for you, though you won’t use it anyway, our bot are really easy to set up and very user-friendly.

Become the top players in the WoW NOW !


Save your time and build up your Gold now !





“When I bought this bot, I was level 35 and I absolutely hate questing. I learned how to make patrols thanks to some of the people in the public ventrilo. I got from level 35 to 80 in less than a few days and I currently have 8500g on my horde pally. Thank you alot … no other bot compares.”from WoWMimic user Riflegod9

WoWMimic PvPAdvance is the best thing invented next to bacon. I have reached the honor limit 3 times in just 5 days. I love this bot! from WoWMimic PvPAdvance user Elektrik asa

Hello there my name is Hazzardouz. I would just like to thank Mimic on such a wonderful piece of software. This is absolutely brilliant and I have tried quite a few other products before this. I can confirm that this bot is one of a kind and far more advanced then any I have ever seen before. So simple to setup, I did not even have to ask for any support, just followed the tutorial that was provided. The pre-set fighting styles of the bot looks so realistic too, you would never be able to notice that it is not a human playing with all the different combos. Just seem to be one function missing and that’s a minimize to tray option. I rate this product 9.5/10. Awesome work guys/girls, keep it up. From WoWMimic User Hazzardouz

Hay guys,
Ok so thanks for this bot it seriously is amazing, i farmed 1280 icethorn and lichbloom selling roughly at 1g50s ea 39frost lotus and 48 Eternal life
Turning all the Frostlotus and some of the lichbloom and eternals into flasks of stoneblood which are 30g each (you make two from 1 set of mats) procced 15 extra
1 night of farming icecrown = Roughly 3500-4000g (depending on Frostlotus drops)
Spend the extra 20 a month and you could technically make 100k in a month just by farming at night (and im gonna do an ore farm tonight to check how much i get from that)

Srsly its worth it!



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